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We’re looking for articles and we want to hear from you! We’ll consider concert, music, and CD reviews. We’d love for you to write about a guitarist coming to your town. If you have thoughts on practicing, or questions you’d like to have answered… let us know! If you meet a famous guitarist, or even a not-so-famous guitarist, and you’d like to interview them -send us the interview!

FretBuzz articles are usually 200-600 words. Write as well as you can, include links, pictures, or anything else you’d like to share. In general we’re not interested in negative reviews, and certainly nothing that might hurt someone’s feelings. FretBuzz will not publish articles that read like a promotion of any private or commercial interest. ¬†Articles are accepted for publication at the sole discretion of FretBuzz editorial staff. The FretBuzz Facebook page is monitored using these same standards. ¬†All FretBuzz submissions will be edited.

When submitting a FretBuzz article please include a title, your full name, your age, your school and grade, your city and state and, if you wish, any interesting tidbits you think we might like to stick in your by-line like your favorite sport, favorite guitarist, other instruments, how long you’ve been studying… that kind of thing.

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We look forward to sharing your work!

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  1. A colleague of mine from the Austin Classical Guitar Society suggested I have my students submit articles about their performing experiences. At the Milton Hershey School, where I am employed and oversee our guitar program, all information to be considered for release to outside sources must be reviewed and approved by our Communications Department. Is the inclusion of adult “supervision” which may include editorial alterations to the student submissions considered acceptable?

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