Gwenyth Aggeler on the Texas Classical Guitar Camp

Gwyn-0001Gwenyth Aggeler is a 6th grade guitar major at the Denver School of the Arts (DSA). She plays guitar and mandolin with the Denver Mandolin Orchestra. She studies with Alex Komodore at Denver’s Metro State University, which will be hosting the 2016 Guitar Foundation of America (GFA) convention.

The last two summers, I have attended the Texas Classical Guitar Camp (TCGC). Both times I have had very exciting and memorable experiences and I have learned a lot. I hope to attend TCGC again next year.

One highlight of TCGC was playing in an ensemble with other guitarists. Both years, I was in an ensemble led by Travis Marcum. He was a great teacher and conductor. He really knew how to use the guitar to its full potential and our ensemble would not have sounded the same without him. Our ensemble also composed a piece this most recent year. I have to give Travis Marcum credit for that too. He really helped bring our ensemble together to compose the piece.

Other things I enjoyed in TCGC were the lessons and masterclasses I got to be part of. Everyone I played for in lessons understood the pieces I played very well. They were able to give me some very helpful advice. I had masterclasses with both Dr. Steve Kostelnik and Dr. Adam Holzman. They are astounding teachers and gave me some of the most helpful advice I have ever received.

Last but not least, I loved watching people perform each night. Many of the players are stunningly good. They play with so much skill and feeling. The performances are extremely moving and exciting to watch.

TCGC was a very memorable experience and I learned a very great amount from it. I hope to come again next year.

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