Nicholas E. Haddad: Class Guitar in Public School, A Student’s Perspective

Nicholas E. Haddad is an 8th grade guitar student at River Bend Middle School in Loudoun Co. VA.  He has been studying guitar for two years with Dr. Adam Kossler. Nick plays several sports and is a leader in his student body government.

Guitar class presents me not only with a chance to enrich my life with music, but it presents a challenge that I otherwise would never meet. When you grow up challenges present themselves on a daily basis, so why not get ready?

Going into my first year of guitar, I was nervous. But eventually it became something comfortable and exciting, and it grew on me. Most of us guitar players have become like a family. We have different interests and share  our excitement with each other. Some people like rock, or jazz, or even Rodrigo y Gabriella.

I’ve always had an interest in classical and acoustic guitar and have always seen something in it that’s different than other instruments. Not only is it cooler (in my opinion), but you can play any style of music with it. Guitar is an instrument that brings all cultures together. It unites different ethnicities by their type of music and sound.

When I was in seventh grade, I had no intention of continuing guitar after middle school. But time progressed, and with all of the amazing songs I’ve learned or want to learn, I’m already considering auditioning for the advanced guitar program in high school. There have been so many things that my guitar teacher, Dr. Adam Kossler, has showed me about guitar that have caught my interest.

Public schools should continue (or introduce) guitar because music is an important thing in peoples’ lives. There are some kids that might have hidden talents or are shy, and so if guitar (or even music in general) was not introduced they would not have the ability to express themselves. I know I would have never continued in music if it weren’t for guitar, and many other students feel the same way. Maybe I’ll even become famous someday.


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