Fretbuzz Solo Performance Video Competition (Cash prizes!)

One or more $250 prizes will be awarded!Jen Kim youtube

Between now and March 31st, any US-based classical guitarist 18 years old or under is welcome to submit a solo performance video via the facebook page (direct upload, or link to existing video).  Please submit one piece per entry and just one entry per person!  Beyond that, we are looking for an unedited classical guitar piece of any length or difficulty level. will award one or more $250 prize(s) and judge primarily based on expressive musicality and technical advancement, taking into account the age of the contestant.  All submissions must include in the post the name and composer of the selection, the name of the performer and his or her age, city and state.

Please do not post teacher’s names when entering, though winning entrants will receive messages asking for teacher names and contact information for purposes of age verification.

Tell your students, and good luck!

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