Sojourner McClure on Duo Transatlantique


IMG_0416Sojourner McClure is the recipient of several awards including top prizes from the National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame, the Country Gospel Music Association and the Middle Tennessee State University youth competition. He lives in Knoxville, Tennessee. Currently 16 years old, he is a Junior in the Berean Christian High School ISP program. He’s been taking lessons for 8 years. His teachers are Lawrence Long and Robert Anderson.

Duo Transatlantique  (Maud Laforest and Benjamin Beirs) performed as part of the 2013-14 Knoxville Guitar Society concert season. In addition to attending the concert, Sojourner played for the duo in a masterclass sponsored by KGS. He shared a few thoughts with us about the events:

IMG_0415What was your favorite piece from the concert? Did you see anything in the performance you’d like to emulate? 

My favorite pieces from the concert were the transcriptions of music from the film Amélie. Two of the movements were transcribed by Maud Laforest. The third was transcribed by the duo. I really hope to emulate the cleanness and precision of their playing style.

How much do you practice?

I am supposed to practice three hours a day…

IMG_0395What music did you play at the masterclass? What was the most important thing you learned from the experience?

I played Sor’s Variations on Theme by Mozart. The duo helped me clean up the piece. They told me to take out the ornaments, practice the section, and then add the ornaments back in after I’m sure the rhythms are right.

What are your long-term goals and goals for the near future?

My goals for the near future are to cut my first CD and get ready for college. My long-term goals are to graduate college, be a touring musician, and teach at a university.

What is something unrelated to guitar that is unique or interesting about you?

I am an Eagle Scout.

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