Rosa Vielka Ebadan on winning the 2013 USM Middle School contest

vielka ebadanMy name is Rosa Vielka Ebadan. I’m 12 years old and I attend Baldwin Arts and Academics Middle Magnet School in Montgomery, AL. I’ve been playing classical guitar for over a year now. I want to say thanks to my instructor, Mr. Douglas Back, for teaching me all of my techniques and for helping me in my weak points.

I practice for about 6 hours a day, on and off, and on the weekends I do about 3-4 hours a day. I mainly practice pieces from the Romantic and Baroque periods.

I played Berceuse by Leo Brouwer at the Mississippi Guitar Festival. I chose this piece because I was comfortable with it, but mainly because I love how it sounds. I also enjoy the repetition in the song because it allows the player to use many different techniques and dynamics.

Preparing mentally is quite complicated. On some occasions I may sing while playing through notes. On other occasions, I like to read because it takes my mind off things. Reading puts me in my comfort zone, along side music

One of my main goals for the near future is to play “Fearie’s Aire and Death Waltz.”  It has so much movement that it gets me hyped up. Also the sheet music for it is crazy! [editor’s note -this piece is meant to be funny and unplayable, although many people have tried! It contains instructions like “release the penguins” and “like a dirigible”]

Seriously, one of my goals is to become my school’s guitar legend. To do this, students complete 8 levels of repertoire and perform a twenty-minute solo recital within 2 years. I’m nearly finished. I hope to achieve this goal by the beginning of  the next school year.

I have one goal for the long term  -never stop playing guitar. Guitar is an instrument that speaks to me. Reading the music excites me and playing the instrument itself makes me really happy. Even though in the future I won’t necessarily look into a career dealing with music, guitar is something that will always stay with me.

Something unrelated to the guitar that is interesting and unique about me- I speak two languages. In my home country, the Dominican Republic, I use this skill by volunteering with children to help them read and write in English. Helping people who aren’t as fortunate as me is one of my favorite things to do.

(I’d also like to give a special thanks to my parents, Mr.Back, and Iris Hou for never doubting me and always being there for support.)

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