Classical Guitar at its Best, by Miguel Rodriguez

Classical Guitar at its Best, by Miguel Rodriguez


Nowadays there are great guitarists performing on big stages. One in particular is Grisha Goryachev. He is a virtuoso flamenco and classical guitar player. He began to play at the age of six. Taught by his father, he quickly showed potential on the guitar. As he got older and practiced more he became a flamenco guitarist – a style that originated in Spain. Grisha was a prodigy who became famous in Russia, then in Europe and now even here in the United States.

I have heard him playing Spanish songs such like FarrucaPanaderos, and Taranta. He has a beautiful and fascinating way of playing his guitar. When you hear him play you can feel he and the guitar as one. His emotions and energy put into his fingers – where they meet with the strings and produce a fantastic sound.His motions with strumming and plucking the guitar are strong. For every song that he plays, you can picture a scene! His notes are clear and his sound is perfect – whether he plays a piece that is loud and piercing or a soothing and quiet song. On top of that he seems strong and confident of playing any piece he is given, he has a great talent for the flamenco style and for playing the classical guitar.

I myself am a guitar player, but not as quite as good as Grisha! I am proud to say that I and my class – along with several others – will have the opportunity to open for him in the Long Center here in Austin, Texas. We have been practicing a piece we’ll perform to open for him. After we play we get to sit back and hear him and his music. I can’t wait to watch him fill the audience with passionate and fun music. Grisha Goryachev is great at what he does and how he does it. A young and confident man such as himself will be a great pleasure to meet.

Miguel Rodriguez is a freshman at Akins High School. He began guitar at Fulmore Middle School, and auditioned directly into the advanced class at Akins as a first year high school student.

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